Pain is an indication that something is wrong. Often, when we feel pain in our teeth or have bleeding gums, we give it some time to see if it worsens before we call the doctor. Yet, even when the pain stops, the underlying decay or infection could still be progressing, damaging your teeth and gums. Schedule a visit to the dentist at the first sign of tooth pain in Washington, D.C., especially if you are experiencing symptoms of a cavity. A skilled dentist, like Dr. Russell W. Phillips, can quickly determine the source of your pain and recommend a restorative treatment, such as a filling, crown, or a root canal.

Symptoms that Indicate Tooth Decay

  • ·         Toothaches or earaches
  • ·         Jaw pain
  • ·         Tooth sensitivity to heat or cold
  • ·         A dark spot on your teeth
  • ·         Constant bad breath
  • ·         Difficulty chewing or pain when chewing
  • ·         A painful abscess on the gums

What Could Be Causing Your Toothache?

Tooth pain is never normal and even if the pain dissipates, it should never be ignored. Factors that may cause tooth pain include:

  • ·         Cavities
  • ·         A damaged filling or crown
  • ·         An abscess caused by infection
  • ·         Fractured or broken teeth
  • ·         An exposed tooth root
  • ·         Impacted wisdom teeth
  • ·         Gum disease
  • ·         Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • ·         Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

If you have tooth pain in Washington, D.C., do not delay. Call our office to schedule a visit with Dr. Phillips to determine whether you have a cavity or infection. Catching decay early can help you save your tooth and keep you from spending more time and money on future dental work. Dr. Phillips can relieve the pain and provide you with a treatment to restore your oral health.