It’s understandable that your children are nervous about the appearance of their teeth as the new school year approaches. In the past, drastic dental intervention, to maintain straight teeth, often meant the use of bulky braces or headgear that was quite noticeable and uncomfortable. These days, however, there are more discreet options to help straighten teeth and keep your children from feeling self-conscious. Dr. Russell W. Phillips, DMD, offers Invisalign® in Washington, D.C. to qualified individuals.

How Does Invisalign® Work? 

Invisalign® is the use of progressive, clear aligners to slowly move teeth into the proper position. The aligners are molded to the teeth, and each set is worn for approximately two weeks. At the end of that period, the patient moves on to the next set of aligners which adjusts the teeth slightly more. During the treatment, patients visit with Dr. Phillips every one to two months for a checkup. In most cases, the full course of treatment usually lasts about a year.

Aligners vs. Braces

The main advantages to Invisalign® prove to be that they are transparent and easily removed. This makes them more inconspicuous by other people and easily maintained. It also means that your child can continue eating the foods they love because the aligners can be removed for cleaning. However, traditional braces still prove to be an effective method of treatment. Not every child may qualify for the use of Invisalign®; in these cases, traditional braces are still a solution. Your dentist can help you and your child determine the best course of treatment for achieving a straighter smile.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Straightening teeth is a progressive measure. Now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Phillips, to see if Invisalign® or braces are an ideal solution for your child, before school starts. You can begin treatment and provide your child a more confident smile that much sooner. Call (202) 759-1184 today to schedule a consultation.