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Brush Biopsy

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Brush Biopsy
Oral cancer is known to have a significantly higher rate of mortality due to many factors, the most significant being delayed diagnosis. Statistics show that when oral cancer is detected early in its precancerous state or early stages of the disease, the survival rate and cure rate increase dramatically. Given the significant mortality rate and associated treatments, our office performs oral cancer screenings at each office visit. 

Advances in oral cancer detection are always improving, and we are dedicated to providing the latest in diagnostic methods so as to catch and begin treatment early on any cancerous lesions found. Brush cystology as greatly increased the diagnostic portion of the screening gap that we see in our patients. Previously, the only way to diagnose oral cancer was through biopsy. Brush biopsies allow us to detect early carcinoma in those patients who do not currently have symptoms or who do not warrant immediate biopsy. 

This noninvasive method allows us to take samples of cells without cutting or stitches. These cells are then examined under a microscope for certain abnormalities that would indicate cancer is present. The oral brush biopsy does not require topical or local anesthetic and causes minimal bleeding and pain.


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